ACER was so concerned about the impact that Government Planning policies have had, and will have in Whitegates, we advised the Reading East MP, Matt Rodda, of our views.  Matt Rodda e-mailed back the same day saying he would like to meet ACER to discuss the issues we raised.

First Meeting:  An initial face-to-face meeting took place on 24th October. ACER was able to explain our concerns and how some Planning policies had adversely affected Whitegates.  Matt Rodda suggested a second meeting to go over the concerns in more detail and determine a way forward.

Second Meeting:  This follow-up meeting took place using ZOOM on Friday 27th November.  

Matt Rodda was presented with a PowerPoint display of Whitegates and its ‘Development Experience’ together with maps, photos and drawings. 

ACER proposed using their professional links to contact the government Advisory Group on planning/design, with a view to the Advisory Group visiting Whitegates in order to use the area as an exercise to help formulate reformed government planning criteria.  This idea was supported by Matt Rodda and it was agreed that all interested parties including WBC plus ETC officials and councilors should be advised and involved in this process. It was agreed that the ‘Whitegates Development Experience’ presentation and ACER’s covering letter responding to the Government ‘Planning For The Future’ proposals, should form the basis of ACER’s submission to the Advisory Group.  A slightly longer Presentation together with our ‘Planning For The Future’ letter were subsequently sent with a covering letter to the government Advisory Group on 2nd December.

The covering letter to the Government Advisory Group on planning/ design is shown below, together with the ‘Whitegates Development Experience’ presentation and ACER’s letter regardng ‘Planning For The Future’.