Planning Approval

When an Application is submitted, the documents will be checked, an application number will be allocated and one of the Planning Officers will be allocated.

The Application documents and plans are made available to the public and can be accessed on line. Immediate neighbours, i.e. with a boundary adjoining the property will be notified of the Application in writing. The local Council e.g. Earley Town Council, will also be notified

Anyone or any interested organisation can either  Support, Comment or Object to an Application.  All such correspondence is made public.

The Planning Officer visits the site and makes a recommendation which is signed off by their head of department.  In the case of major concern, or large scale  development, or if an Application has been ‘Listed’ by a Councillor, the Application will be referred to the WBC Planning Committee Meeting for a decision.

The WBC Planning Committee meet once a month.  At the Planning Meeting any interested party can request to make a statement on an Application which can be up to two minutes long and accompanied by audio- visual aids if required.  ACER has attended these meetings and made submissions on behalf of our members.