Grass Verges

Parish Council about grass verges in and around Earley.

We have been advised the PC that parking on verges is a borough wide issue and that grass verges will only be repaired with topsoil and seed if they are considered to be in a dangerous condition. We just don’t have the budget to repair verges because they look unsightly, also we do not install bollards, as again we would then have to do this in every area.

When the highway safety inspections are carried out if a verge is noted dangerous, then the Highways Inspector will carry out repair work. If a verge is brought to our attention by a member of the public, the Highways Inspector will take a look, but will only carry out repair work if the verge has become dangerous.

As for big development vehicles, issues of damage/obstruction or general concerns can be reported to the Highways Development team who can liaise with the developers directly about such matters.

Any vehicles general parking on verges that are causing an obstruction such as, blocking driveways or footways or next to double yellow lines, then this would be a Police matter and should be reported on the non-emergency number 101.

Residents are now permitted to protect their own verges with rocks, provide they submit the appropriate form to WBC. ACER residents who have taken this action have reported that it is straightforward to do.